Our Mission

Our commitment is to provide an exceptional and accessible learning experience, through soccer, to engage and empower young minds for the pursuit of excellence.  

None of the kids leave here without their mind-set transformed. They may arrive thinking they can cruise their way to success, but they quickly learn that nobody has got anywhere in life without working hard, by showing tremendous discipline, and by taking responsibility for their actions. That is what ultimately separates the best from the rest.

Why we do it

We are passionate about using the beautiful game to develop quality people and build community. The Rising Point believes that the future of our society depends on the work we do in our communities today. Many children--especially those living in poverty--face incredible challenges and barriers to success. In addition to a proper education, team sports such as soccer offer a wonderful opportunity to develop the whole person. However, access to quality programs and coaching is increasingly difficult for low-income families. Additionally, the culture around youth sports is increasingly winning centered instead of learning centered, resulting in the miseducation of countless numbers of young people from all backgrounds. Through soccer, we are fighting to change the status quo. Our children are the future and that future is now. For our children and for a better world, we reach higher.

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